Friday, July 31, 2009

Another TwiCon shot

Here she is on another panel. So proud! And is that Maggie second from right?(source)


Far left is my daughter Ashley on a panel at TwiCon in Dallas! (source)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yep, I'm back to my blog after a long hiatus. Lots going on at the library and in my life! I'm trying lots of new things in hopes of becoming much more tech-savvy. Still haven't joined the FaceBook crowd, though. Hope you like the new Twilight slideshow widget. I've just begun my third class in my master's program and I really should be doing my homework but got sidetracked. The class is "Organization and Cataloging of Learning Materials and Resources" - yipes. I've also taken up running. I try to run 8 miles every other day. I've always assumed that runners were real healthy and fit, but since I began running (about 6 months) I feel like an old lady. My joints and muscles are constantly hurting. And that "runner's high" I've always heard about? Yeah- no such thing for me! At least not yet. Maybe I'm not running enough! When I'm shelving books at the library, I'm thinking, "Please, nothing on the bottom shelves!" because I have a hard time getting my knees to work.
My main concern right now is trying to keep my job. I love it so much - Stelle is pretty heavenly. Keeping fingers crossed that librarians won't get cut.