Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Week 9, Thing 22

The Gutenberg Project costs $ to join and download books. It's cheap (only $8.95) but I don't like ebooks, so would never use it, so didn't join. itunes downloadable books are even more expensive. I was REALLY impressed with the LA Public Library's selection and availability of ebooks, but needed a PC to run the software and I'm on my Macbook right now, so no luck there. I'm surprised such a big operation like LAPL doesn't support Macs. The LAPL allows you to burn CDs of their audiobooks, too. Pretty cool. I'm just not a big fan of audiobooks. When I'm in the car or exercising I prefer to listen to music, and if I'm going to read I need the tactile experience of a book. I just like the feel of a book in my hands! But I know that Follett's Playaways are a HUGE success and would like to try them in my library, but don't have the funds right now (they are HORRIFYINGLY expensive). I know the kids are comfortable being "plugged in" and that may be the way to get the reluctant readers engaged.


Becca said...

Playaways are very successful here at the middle school level, and the hs just started a collection. Seems like all folks who get them enjoy them.

Libladylib said...

For fun, check to see if your local public city or county library has a suvbscription to CALIFA. You can check out the digital audio books for a period of 3 weeks.